Doble Outdoors testimonial competition for 2015! WINNER

Congratulations Daniel Cracker for submitting the winning testimonial. 

So what's good about doble outdoors?!,what isn't good about it!,tough innovative products for the outdoor Australian.I did two remote desert trips this year and the doble solar awning pole was used every night and did not miss a beat!
So glad I had it when I was stranded for a week at a cattle property due to rain,it worked fantastic inside as a light source and to charge phones and iPads, it's definitely a necessity for outback touring and looking forward to new doble products because I know they won't disappoint!!

- Daniel Cracker

You will be gifted $100 to spend on any Doble outdoors product available at these retailers.


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Coolum company in spotlight with solar camping light

Danny Jaggs of Doble Outdoors with a solar light and phone charger invention. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily

Danny Jaggs of Doble Outdoors with a solar light and phone charger invention. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily

A COOLUM Beach company's genius solar camping invention has won it a place in the Good Design Australia Awards finals. 

Doble Outdoors Australia has designed Tent Pole Power: a portable camping light and USB device charger powered by solar panels. The panels sit on a tent pole and can be rotated to three different angles. 

The light has several settings and long-lasting batteries, with up to 250 hours of light supplied without recharging. 

The invention is the world's first patented solar- powered tent pole that includes a bright LED light and USB device charger.

Doble Outdoors Australia's Danny Jaggs said the company would be up against the likes of Reebok and Dyason in the prestigious competition.  Winners will be announced in Sydney on Friday.  

Good Design Australia CEO Dr Brandon Gien said it was very encouraging to see Australian firms competing against the biggest and most respected brands in the world.

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Australian made ‘solar tent pole’ deployed in Nepal after earthquake


An Australian made solar tent pole is being shipped to Nepal as part of the earthquake relief effort, to provide shelter, light and power to those whose homes – and in some cases entire villages – were destroyed in the devastating 7.9-magnitude quake on the weekend.

Made by Queensland-based company Doble Outdoors, the SCS 200t is a solar powered illuminated pole that, when used as part of an awning or tent, can also be used to recharge phones and other USB powered devices (see pic below).

The world-first, fully patented technology – it has also been listed as a finalist for this year’s Australian Design Awards – includes a telescopic stainless steel tent pole, with built-in LEDs, built-in batteries and topped with an SCS solar panel.

Originally conceived as an accessory for camping – Simon Doble first hatched the idea when camping in Noosa with family – it has since been used by UN agencies and NGOs to bring power and light to refugee camps and to victims of natural disasters who, like the tens of thousands in Nepal (according to this report, half a million tents are urgently needed for people made homeless by the earthquake) – are accommodated in tents.

The technology has also been tested in Middle East conflict zones.

According to Doble, the SCS solar panel is unique in how it sits on the top of the SCS 200t, allowing it to capture the maximum benefit of the sun while being out of the way. The company says a smaller, more portable light, the SCS 100p is also being launched.

Brothers, founder Simon and Executive Director, Martin Doble say they are proud to be representing Australia on the global humanitarian stage in such a way.

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The best gadgets of the 2015 Good Design Awards

SCS 200T Solar Powered Tent Pole
You know that thing where you go camping, and you don't turn off your phone, and you have a brightly lit tent and solar power and it's not really camping?

Made for fans of glamping (that's "glam camping" for newcomers) the SCS 200T integrates LED lighting and device charging into a traditional tent pole, which can be recharged via solar power or mains, meaning a trip to the great outdoors doesn't mean ditching your gadgets.

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Doble Outdoors have released the world’s first fully solar-powered illuminated tent pole that can also recharge phones and USB powered devices. The product was invented by Simon Doble while camping on Noosa’s iconic North Shore and has been trialed and tested in some of the country’s harshest conditions as well as on African savannahs and in
UN-sponsored refugee camps in the Middle East.
The product is known as the SCS 200t and is bright enough to illuminate your entire camp area, awning or tent and is charged by the SCS solar panel, which sits conveniently out of the way, whilst capturing the maximum benefit of the sun’s rays.

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Tented Light Pole

All grey nomads camping in remote areas face the ongoing challenge of how to keep their electronic devices charged and their campsite lit up on those beautiful Outback evenings.

The march of technology is, of course, making the task ever easier, and just when you thought you had seen it all, along comes something so clever and yet so simple that you just have to shake your head in wonder. Enter the lighted tent pole!

The 200T tent pole from Doble Outdoors is essentially a set of LED lights encased in an extendable steel pole. In­side the pole are four internal lithium ion phosphate bat­teries which are charged via a compact 5w solar panel. The batteries, which take about six hours to fully charge, will last up to 250 hours depending on how much light you require.

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Lighting in a camp is always important and the range of LED lights out there these days is impressive to say the least. On my recent camping trip along the Murray River I had the opportunity to sample a new product, a product that at that time was still in development but now has hit our shores and is available to consumers across Australia. That product is the Doble Outdoors camping system. To start there are three products and these include a tent pole light (200t) and a wand or strip light (100p) and a 5w solar panel. Let’s look at each of the two lights individually as they offer great convenience and ease of use.

"Impressed? You should be as this is a really cleverly thought out piece of camping equipment."

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Tent-pole solar lights make debut at Victorian expo

AUSTRALIAN-American luxury caravans and a solar-electric tent pole are among exciting new products making their national show debuts at the fourth annual Border Caravan & Camping Expo this month.

The official industry show, staged by the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria (CIA Vic), will have it all at Wodonga Racecourse from August 15 to 17.

One of the most technologically advanced products is an all-in-one tent pole incorporating solar powered lights and recharging facilities in a single unit.

Designed by Australian company Doble Outdoors, and already proving its worth in refugee camps, the Doble SCS 200t makes its leisure market debut at Wodonga.

The world-first solar powered tent pole and USB charger has a slim but powerful LED light and a 5 watt solar panel angled to catch maximum sunlight.

Also making their first public appearance are two new models from Cell Caravans which take the Australian specification of these American-built luxury vans to a whole new level.

The Bunkhouse family 'van and the big 26ft Estate are specifically developed for Australia – built in the USA and fitted out in Melbourne to ensure local compliance.

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Solar-powered tent pole light a bright idea

No more struggling to see what you’re eating as you sit in your tent, as Australia’s newest recreation and camping company, Doble Outdoors, is launching the world’s first solar powered illuminated tent pole.

The SCS 200t can illuminate your awning or tent with 250 lumens, thanks to the built-in LED’s and batteries (which can be recharged up the 4000 times), while still functioning as a sturdy, telescopic, stainless steel tent pole.

It can also recharge phones and USB devices and then be recharged itself through the SCS solar panel, which is positioned to captured the maximum benefit of the sun and sit out of the way.

There’s also a smaller, more portable version – the SCS 100p, which has the same recharging capabilities.

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